Saturday, October 29, 2011

An All-Weather Job

 Wow, it's not even the first of November and the first snow of the season is falling. Not some pansy-ass dusting of powder, but a full Monty, sopping wet, white-out, tree-branch breaking, snow-ball fighting, welcome to winter snow storm. While everyone else tends to batten down the hatches after making a bread, milk & toilet paper run, the truth is that the people who produce your food must continue to work. Calves need fed twice a day, eggs must be gathered and the rest of the critters need to eat, too.

And of course, the storm has to hit on a weekend--just in time to really screw up things for farmers markets, but we mitigate. But here at the farm, things roll on regardless of the weather.
 Saturday morning means heading into town to stock up on the necessities as well as run errands. Although I recognized the impending storm yesterday, my schedule wasn't flexible enough to get in a trip to town.
 Hey, that's what all-wheel-drive is for! Errands completed and ready to ride the rest of this one out at the farm.
Still snowing.....
Will I make it to market tomorrow? Only Mother Nature can tell for sure.