Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Gustatory Joys of Farming

I guess you could also call this "quality control". This is my dinner tonight. It's sweet potato and garlic sauteed in raw milk butter with fresh veal cutlet and fries in capers, lime and parsley. Everything came from the farm except for the seasonings for the veal.

As a livestock farmer, there are a few choice items that never make it to farmers market--tongue, tail, testicles & sweetbreads. Being in limited quantity, these items are often highly coveted by gourmands and chefs. Being a hardcore foodie as well as a farmer, these are my great joys and the reward I get for being slobbered on, crapped on, peed on and knocked down in the mud. If you want to enjoy any of these items, the rule is you have to come to my home for dinner. I guarantee dinner will be awesome.

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